Xpress Portal FAQs

Xpress Bill Pay Login portal provides much assistance in doing online payments through Xpress Bill Pay Mobile accessibility, Xpress Bill Pay App, and the official site www.xpressbillpay.com. Account-holders can have a look at the frequent queries if they are facing an issue.

Do I have to sign up for automatic payments within the Xpress Bill Pay portal?

Creating an online account with Xpress Bill Pay will not modify the automatic payment already registered with Ivins City. Please note that setting up an Account with XpressBillPay is more distinctive than setting up an automatic payment.

What if I don’t have my Xpress Bill Pay Login account number?

In this case, you must call 435-628-0606 to speak with a client service representative who can assist you find this data.

Does it cost anything to register for Xpress Bill Pay online payments?

No. It is free to register online payments and prefer the offered services.

What payment alternatives do I have?

The official portal users can pay with a credit or debit card and can transfer money directly from the checking account (also called eCheck).

How can I see the invoice at the Xpress Bill Pay Login site?

We try to submit the invoice online similar to the paper invoice so that they can easily read the invoice on a single screen.

Do I have to pay my bills with my computer?

You can pay the bills from almost anywhere, from a computer or even a mobile device, through an Xpress Bill Pay App. All you require is to access the Internet through a web browser. Then log into the account with the email address and password or with the Xpress Bill Pay Mobile App.

How would I know if the payment has been made in advance?

Once an online transaction gets completed, you will get an email receipt to confirm that the relevant payment has been made successfully.